In-Office Options Get Better Results!
While whitening products bought at a pharmacy offer some results, in-office or dentist supervised options will get you better results!

We offer better results because:
  • We Have Stronger Bleaching Agents
  • We Use Custom Made Mouthpiece Trays
  • We Use Additional Protective Measures
  • We Have Better Treatment Planning
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Tray Based Whitening You Can Do At Home
Which Type of Whitening is Best?
There are many ways to whiten your teeth, including toothpastes, over the counter gels, rinses, strips, and trays. However, to get the best and fastest results for this cosmetic dentistry procedure, make an appointment to see your doctor. Teeth whitening by dentists is the safest and most sure way to see immediate results. Some procedures are done in office and some are performed at home. Make an appointment today to see which type of teeth whitening by dentists is the best for you!

Professional Teeth Whitening in Augusta, GA

Whiter teeth make for a healthier, more attractive looking smile. Many products are available in stores to provide that extra teeth cleaning power, including whitening pastes, gels, strips, and other formulations, but the best results come from the products dentists use. Dr. Ben Timmerman provides professional teeth cleaning and teeth whitening in the Augusta, GA area for patients who want the brightest smile possible.

Why Dentist Tooth Whitening is Preferred Over Store Brands:

• Customized whitening methods provide better tooth coverage
• Stronger whitening agents are used
• Gum tissue is better protected, less irritation
• Results are impressive

Options for Professional Teeth Whitening in Augusta, GA

The whitening products Dr. Timmerman uses contain a much higher concentration of carbamide peroxide, the material that whitens teeth, compared to over the counter whitening products. Store bought whitening trays that are used to administer the material are also inferior to the trays you will get with Dr. Timmerman. Store trays are one size for all, which means the coverage can be spotty and cause less than desirable results. The whitening chemicals can leak and irritate gum tissue.

Dr. Timmerman’s whitening trays are 100 percent customized for your mouth, only to guarantee full coverage and greater comfort. A tooth whitening consultation with Dr. Timmerman also provides a personalized treatment plan so you can attain the best result possible.

Two Ways to Achieve Professional Tooth Whitening with Dr. Timmerman

In Office: Get a bright white smile immediately with an in office tooth whitening procedure. Gum tissue is protected with special protective covering, and the whitening gel is applied to teeth and accelerated with the use of a special laser light.

Tray Whitening at Home: Dr. Timmerman will provide customized whitening trays that you can use at home along with a high grade whitening solution to be placed in the trays and worn for a determined amount of time until you achieve the desired result. This method is superior to the trays and solutions available at drug and other stores.

Your best results can be achieved right after a professional teeth cleaning. To schedule your teeth cleaning and teeth whitening in the Augusta, GA area, call Dr. Timmerman today!

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