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FAQ’s About Laser Gum Disease Treatment in the Augusta, GA Area

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) with Dr. Ben Timmerman is a gentle, FDA cleared gum disease treatment in Augusta, GA that removes diseased tissue and strengthens teeth with minimal pain and in less time compared to conventional gum surgery.

Why Patients Choose LANAP®:

• Gentle, effective FDA cleared gum surgery with no incisions or stitches
• Targets diseased tissue and bacteria with reduced discomfort
• Laser therapy increases bone density for stronger, healthier teeth
• Causes minimal or no gum recession

Questions and Answers about Laser Gum Disease Treatment

Q: What is the difference between periodontal disease and gum disease?

A: Periodontal or gum disease means that bacteria is infecting the gum line and placing teeth and bone at risk. The earliest stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. Gingivitis affects the gum tissue only but can quickly progress to periodontal disease and attack the health of the teeth and supporting bone structure if it is not treated promptly.

Q: Is laser comfortable?

A: Most patients who have a laser treatment for gum disease find the procedure very tolerable and easy to recover from. Compared to traditional surgery, laser is much gentler because there are no incisions or sutures used, which means less inflammation and bleeding.

Q: Is it true that LANAP® generates new bone growth?

A: Scientific and human histological studies show that laser therapy removes bacteria and promotes new bone growth around existing teeth to strengthen and support them.

Q: Is laser a better treatment for gum disease compared to conventional surgery?

A: Conventional gum disease treatment is performed using a scalpel. The gums are incised and rolled back to access infected areas. This method does remove bacteria but it also damages healthy gum tissue and can cause significant bleeding, swelling, and pain. Laser leaves healthy tissue intact and removes bacteria with minimal pain and swelling, and boasts a faster recovery. Plus, it has the unique benefit of stimulating new bone growth. When given a choice, most patients prefer laser.

Q: Is LANAP® the right treatment method for my gum disease?

A: Laser is designed for patients with moderate to severe cases of gum disease while gingivitis is generally treated with a different method. A visit with Dr. Timmerman will determine if gingivitis or a more advanced case of gum disease is occurring.

If you think your gingivitis has progressed to periodontal disease, you may be a candidate for LANAP®. Call us today for modern, minimally invasive laser gum disease treatment in Augusta, GA with Dr. Timmerman!

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